I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from the board retreat you facilitated for us. I want to personally thank you for all of the time and effort you invested – both before and during the retreat weekend – and your candid advice about our board and organization.”

Marcia Albers, Executive Director, Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses

Alyson Ball enjoys the success of her clients.

7 Steps to Stronger Nonprofit Boards and Organizations: Consulting Services For Non-profit Boards

Many Clients need this help:

Board Governance,

Board Development,

Board Structure,

Board/Staff Relationships,

Board Process, and

Board Sustainability.

So consulting focus is here:

  • Setting a Strategic Vision

  • Clarifying the Mission

  • Improving Board Recruitment and Orientation

  • Making Board Committees work for you

  • Enhancing the Board/Staff Relationships

  • Improving Board Governance and Organizational Support

Consulting Fee:  Daily, Hourly, or Project Rates available.

Contact Alyson (at) for more information.


Send your question to Alyson at


You will receive an answer by e-mail.

If you send a question, you give us permission to use your question and our answer on our blog or eNewsletter (without identifying you or your organization, of course).

NOTE: Questions deemed inappropriate for any reason will be automatically deleted and will not be answered.


For Board Officers, Board Members and Executive Staff

Consult with Alyson by phone (or skype) at your convenience.

Your call topics :

(1)  encouraging more participation from your board members,

(2) improving your board member recruitment and orientation,

(3) organizing more productive board committees,

(4) conducting better board meetings,

(5) improving your board sustainability,

(5) creating a board for a start-up organization, or

(6) other concerns specific to your organization or board.

Leadership groups :

(1)  Board Chair and the CEO/ED,

(2) the Board’s Executive Committee or Leadership Council,

(3) a single board committee and their staff representative, or

(4) your entire board.


To set up a conference call, follow these 3 easy steps:

1.       Consider who should participate in your call,

2.       Send Alyson (at)  these items:

–           Discussion Topics  (this will become our agenda)

–          Your preferred date/time for the call (and an alternative date/time).

3.       Set up a conference call.  (Teleconferences are now available for free.)

4.       Hold your teleconsulting call.


After the call,  you will receive these by email:

(1) additional resources to help implement the strategies we’ve discussed.

(2) Invoice ($100/hour – 1 hour minimum)


Questions?  Email  Alyson (at)


“The guidance and insights we have received from Alyson have been indispensable.  We have learned how to effectively develop our board and have learned better ways to build capacity. ”

Gail Milligan, Virginia State Director, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.


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