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The best-run boards take time to self-reflect.  They think not only about their past successes but how they can improve their relationship with the staff, their donors, and each other.   Well-run boards are not afraid to ask themselves the hard questions about themselves – and to seek continuous improvements.

For two useful Self-Evaluation tools (Discussion Questions and a Questionnaire), go to the bottom of STEP 7 – Satisfaction on this web site. You can download two free tools for your use immediately.

In addition to the collective satisfaction of the board members, exceptional boards make sure that board members are individually satisfied.  The Board President spends time talking to people about their board service and listens for feedback about how satisfied each board member is with the accomplishments of the board as a whole.   Also, the Board President makes sure that each board member is fulfilled by their involvement in the board and in their committee.

Board Members are like donors.   They usually want to serve on a board because they have a passion for the work of organization and they may be motivated by one of these reasons:

1. They want to give back to the community

2. They want to have more social or business contact in the community

3. They have had a close family member or friend who has been helped by the organization

As you work with your board members, remember to think about these reasons why people have joined your board and make sure that their own personal goals are being met by being on the board.

Working to make sure that all of your board members are delighted to be there will yield dividends for you in terms of greater involvement in your organization’s work and greater enthusiasm for your organization throughout the community.


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