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“These are an excellent resource for everything I needed to get our non-profit board more active and successful towards our objectives, forming committees and recruiting new board members.  I like the direct information in a short, easy-to-understand format.  I had sent for other sources, but a book was too long, too detailed to read on every one of the subjects I purchased from you.  Look forward to sharing with the board your suggestions next week.”

Margaret Guedes, CEO, President, and Founder, Kids Without Cancer

Organization Booklets

Strategic Planning Template / Directions”  (16 pgs)
This simple, yet practical, template (with instructions) will help you create a strategic plan for the next 3 years.  This approach helps you work through the critical issues you face, the objectives your organization must achieve, and assign actions to staff, volunteers, or committees to ensure you get where you need to go.
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Vision, Mission and Values Statements” (10 pages)Do you want to be sure your Vision, Mission and Values Statements are inspiring your board, staff, volunteers and donors?  See examples of well-written statements and learn how you can improve yours.
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“Quality Checklist and Action Plan for Organizations that Excel”(16 pages)
Examine over 125 specific best practice items that pertain to governance, strategy, and operation for your board and organization.  Determine your priority actions and assign actions to groups or individuals so that you can improve the operations of your organization and governance and organizational support of your board.
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Board Booklets

A Board Chair Gets Organized”Are you a new or continuing board chair who wants to lead with confidence? Read these suggestions for how to inspire others to work together toward common goals. Use these specific suggestions to improve your leadership of the board and staff.
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Board Meetings, Calendars, and Retreats” (12 pgs)Are your board meetings interesting and productive?  With a board calendar that shows key board decisions that must be made each year, learn how to keep an eye on the big picture as you conduct decision-based board meetings and retreats.
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Purposeful Board Recruitment” (11 pages)Having trouble finding quality board members?  Learn how to create a Board Solicitation Packet and recruit new board members with the skills you need.  Includes 11 creative ways to find exceptional board members,  Add to Cart $9

Engaging Board Orientations” (10 pages)Need your board to lead more effectively?  Learn how to implement an annual board orientation that creates a cohesive board and inspires all board members throughout the year.  Add to Cart $9

Committee Booklets

Productive Committees”  (13 pages)Are your committees operating effectively?  Whether you are forming board committees or your existing committees need to become more reliable and productive, this booklet will help you and your board know what’s important to make your committees work.  Add to Cart $12

“The Board Development Committee”  (15 pages)Is your board preparing for its future?  Learn how the Board Development Committee leads board recruitment and orientation, reviews bylaws changes, and conducts an annual self-evaluation to create an effective leadership team.  Add to Cart $12

“The Finance Committee” (13 pages)Does your board provide appropriate financial oversight? Learn how this committee works with the staff to create budgets for expenses and fundraising and creates financial policies so that the board can watch the financial health of the organization.  Add to Cart $12

“The Fundraising Committee” (13 pages)Do you have an effective fundraising plan?  Learn how this committee works with the staff to create a fundraising plan, taps into all potential funding sources, encourages all board members to participate, and provides you with peace of mind.  Add to Cart $12

“The Personnel Committee” (12 pages) Is your staff empowered and inspired?  Learn how the Personnel Committee can oversee the development of an HR Policies and Procedures Guide and a Personnel Handbook so that you can avoid the risks associated with hiring and managing your staff.  Add to Cart $12

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For a Free Booklet Click On This Title : Starting a Nonprofit Organization

(14 pages)“Starting a Nonprofit Organization” includes The Germ of an Idea, Support (People), Support (Organizations), Legal Foundations, Operations, Fundraising, Financial Planning, Administrative, Marketing, and The Role of the Founder.

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